Website Design - Molly Gilbert MarketingDid you know your website should be refreshed every two years? Technology changes so fast! With so many people using their mobile devices to browse the internet, it’s important that website information is current, fresh and working as hard as you do. Small businesses deserve to have their story told online too! A well-told business story and a sharp looking website can impact the bottom line.

Molly Gilbert Marketing’s primary function on recent website projects is as the writer and the project coordinator. Our role is to do the research, create the site structure, oversee the photo shoot or choose from the client’s photo library (or use stock images as a last resort), write the copy, edit the site and turn everything over to the designer. We communicate the timeline, checkpoints and approval process with the client and act as the liaison with the designer.  Although Molly has designed several sites herself, she is always more pleased by the brilliant work of a professional designer. Molly Gilbert Marketing has been using WordPress since 2012 because it is so user-friendly for small business owners.

The local small business always retains ownership of the URL and all content and has a log in to make changes, however, both the designer and the team at Molly Gilbert Marketing are happy to make occasional edits on behalf of clients who simply prefer to leave it to the professionals. Molly Gilbert Marketing has been tag-teaming website projects with an IT firm who handles all of the URL and technical back end. Several examples of our recent website project collaborations are shown here. Notice that every website has the unique visual appeal that suits the brand of each individual client.


Recent Website Examples:

The Rock Hill Coca-Cola Bottling Company website project made a career-goal finally come true – ever since I lived in Atlanta, Georgia, I have always wanted to work for Coca-Cola! The super special moment in this project was interviewing the family and staff of this local bottling company in the community where I went to college at Winthrop University and had my first jobs. Although they have been in business for over 100 years, this is the very first website this local company has had. My favorite moment of recreating an old Coke TV commercial was captured on the home page. You might recognize a familiar face – the young man is my son, Finnian Gilbert! We had a professional photographer capture several unique images from this community, and there are several images provided by Coca-Cola. This design was done by a professional designer using WordPress, so that the owner can make changes at any time.


Rock Hill Coca Cola Website

Rock Hill Coca Cola Bottling Company Website, Rock Hill, South Carolina (2016)


This is actually the second version of the website created for JA Edwards of America roofing company out of Winter Park, Florida. The first version was created a few years earlier and it was time to update with more text and more photography to give the original skeleton site more content. This design was done by a professional designer using WordPress, so that the owner can make changes at any time.


JA Edwards of America Roofing website

JA Edwards of America Roofing Website, Winter Park, Florida (2015)


Wise Computer Consulting, an IT firm, had a website that the owner had originally created back when the office was a one-man operation. Now they’ve grown to over five techs and it realized it was time to upgrade their website programming, text and content. This design was done by a professional designer using WordPress, so that the owner can make changes at any time.


website for Wise Computer Consulting

Wise Computer Consulting Website, York, South Carolina (2015)


This website project for the Tennessee Pink Marble Trail captured my heart and has been a source of pride! This website is an example of a site that I designed in WordPress site using a template. It has a lot of opportunity to expand!


Tennessee Pink Marble Trail website

Tennessee Pink Marble Trail Website, Knoxville, Tennessee (2015)


For the Chapman Pool website, I provided all of the text and photography as well as the design using WordPress. This non-profit had an existing website, but it was in serious need of updating. This new version also now allows people to pay for their seasonal membership online – a very helpful feature!


Chapman Pool website

Chapman Pool Website, Knoxville, Tennessee (2014)


The Rafting in the Smokies website is one of the most complicated sites I have ever worked on because of the rafting reservation system – so much data has to be entered in order to correctly use the calendar and not overbook. Fortunately for me, I only helped oversee the data entry and was mainly responsible for communicating with the designer and the company responsible for creating the programming.


Rafting in the Smokies Website

Rafting in the Smokies Website, Gatlinburg and Hartford, Tennessee (2013)


The Carolina Cargo website was created using a WordPress design template. I sent a shot list to a professional photographer who took images specifically for the website, created the site design and wrote and edited the text.

Carolina Cargo Trucking Website

Carolina Cargo Website, Rock Hill, South Carolina (2012)