Tourism Marketing Packages

Tell A Better Story - Molly Gilbert MarketingCustomized Content for Tourism Attractions and Destination Marketing Organizations

Content Generation Packages

Molly created turn-key marketing packages for tourism destinations based on her portfolio of work as a consultant and volunteer. Whether small or big, new or old, attractions and Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), such as Chambers and Convention and Visitors Bureaus, need to constantly feed the monster.  Instead of just needing a brochure, everyone needs a brochure, an online store front and a social media presence.

When she first started in the tourism industry, the consumer needed to see a message seven times before it would register. Because we are all so bombarded, it now takes more than 25 times for a potential customer to see and remember your marketing message. So, if you are are choosing to not participate, then you are missing out on the conversation. And, therefore, your destination is missing out on potential visitors. The way to avoid being part of the noise is to have a distinctive message that lives up to or exceeds your customers’ expectation of your brand. Remember, your potential customers cannot come to you unless they know you exist. Building awareness is the first strategy and the more you stay top of mind, the more likely that tourists will make a return visit.


Marketing Plan + Brand Development + Research about Top Competitors

  • Marketing 101 Review of the Importance of a Unified Brand and How Professional Marketing Materials Grow the Bottom Line
  • Identification of Low Hanging Fruit Most Likely to Produce the Best Return on Investment
  • Creation of a Strategic Marketing Plan Including an Inventory of all Marketing Efforts to Help Focus Resources on Purposeful Brand-Building, Trackable Projects
  • Brand Review and Marketing Asset Evaluation to Strengthen Message, Photography and Design
  • Research about the Top Competitors in Order to Strengthen Your Message and Your Market Share



Posts for Social Media Platforms + Copyright Released Photography

  • Site Visit Includes Anecdotal Research from Customers, Interviewing Customers for Quotes (if Possible) and Photography
  • Digital Copies of Best Photography will be Available, Copyright Released
  • Creation and Posting of Social Media Posts for any of the Following Platforms:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • YouTube
    • Instagram
    • Google Plus



Event Photography + Pre-Event and Post-Event Press Releases + Distribution

  • Pre-Event Press Release Written and Distributed to Local Media
  • Photography During the Event – Digital Copies of Best Photography will be Available, Copyright Released
  • Post-Event Press Release Written and Distributed with Photography to Local Media




Website Text for an Upgraded or Overhauled Website + Coordination with Website Designer

  • Writing Website General Content
  • Coordinating Text and Layout with Website Designer
  • WordPress Websites – User Friendly – You Own the Log In and URL
  • SEO Review
  • Monthly Website Maintenance
  • Weekly or Monthly Blogging to Keep the Content Fresh for Search Engines



Brochure or Print Collateral Text + Coordination with Graphic Designer

  • Writing General Content
  • Draft of a Design and Coordination with Graphic Designer
  • Coordinate Printing
  • Review of Distribution Plan Strategies



Create Your Own Package

  • What story do you want us to tell? When? Where? Why? How?



Timing of Content Generation

  • Year-Round Customized Content
  • Monthly Customized Content
  • Seasonal or Quarterly Customized Content
  • Event Based Customized Content